Melissa Edmonds

As a child I moved around my entire life, due to being a miner's daughter. The longest I lived anywhere growing up was 4 years.. After graduating in 1994 in Athens, Ohio I landed in Tennessee & the rest is history. Tennessee is home to me!

I met my husband through a mutual friend and we married in 2007. We have a blended family that includes 3 boys, Trevor is 21, Zack is 22 and Devin is 23. We have one amazing grandbaby that I am over the moon for.

I am the Corporate Secretary and Office Manager for United Services, Inc. and right after getting married to Shane I began my career with the business. We make a great team and I absolutely love what I do.

Currently I serve on the Blount County Boys & Girls Club Board as well as the Board for Kingdom Design Ministries, and am involved with Blount County United Way Champions program.

Something about me that people probably do not know: I can play the trumpet, flute, piano or should I say I used to be able to play. I was actually in a jazz band in school and really excelled playing the trumpet. I also took voice lessons for several years. I'm pretty athletic as well and played basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer. I still "think" I can play. LOL!
I have a true love for fitness and nutrition. If I'm not working you will find me in the gym or kitchen. If you start a conversation with me about working out or nutrition be prepared to be there a while.