Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does United Services, Inc. perform residential work?
    Yes. United Services, Inc. does residential electrical, heating and cooling, and plumbing. We also do maintenance and installation.

  • Can United Services, Inc. improve my energy efficiency?
    Yes. We have several options to improve energy efficiency. We will send one of our energy specialists out to assess.

  • Do I really need HVAC maintenance?
    Yes. Maintenance is very important when it comes to the life expectancy of any piece of equipment. Maintenance helps prevent costly repairs.

  • Should I repair or replace?
    Our company will send out a certified technician to assess your issues and give you a complete breakdown of cost so we can determine whether it is in your best interest to replace or repair.

  • Should I retrofit my standard lighting to led lighting?
    Yes. Standard lighting is phasing out, especially in commercial applications. LED lighting puts out less heat and helps with energy cost.

  • Should I have my sewer line jetted annually?
    Yes. In commercial applications this is ideal for grease lines as this will help cut down on individual line back-ups. The jetter works differently than a drain machine as a drain machine is an auger which will just poke a hole through the pipe. A jetter will push all debris and grease out while spraying the sides of the pipe, leaving the pipe virtually as clear as it was when it was installed.

If you need service, contact us for information about our 24/7 repair services.